Forest Assassin is a 2D adventure platformer game with easy controls and fun gameplay, which helps every one to get started, this is a classic platformer game with wonderfully designed characters and world. To complete the game collect all the coins and the trophy try to collect all 100 gold coins to become the highest scorer in this adventurers platformer game, on your way you will face many obstacles and enemies and use your sword to fight with the enemy.

So let's get ready and explore this epic adventure.

How to play on desktop browser?

  • To move use [ A ] [ D ] or arrow keys
  • Use [ SPACE ] key to jump
  • Use [ W ] key to attack
  • To finish the game collect all coins and the trophy
  • Android

    Forest Assassin is also available for Android devices and on the smartphone user will get the feelings of a classic platformer game. So please download the game and share your experience.

    How to play on Android?

  • To move use [ LEFT ] & [ RIGHT ] arrow button
  • Use [ UP ] arrow button to jump
  • Use [ SWORD ] button to attack
  • To finish the game collect all coins and the trophy
  • Developer

    I am the developer of this game and website, I have developed this game using Unity3D game engine platform and this game is compatible with all major desktop browsers Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Safari which supports WebGL 1.0. And I made the game very simple so that it will be easier for any user to complete the mission.

    Share this game with your friends and explore the epic adventure.

    Anshuman Pattnaik